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Serving all desert cities from Palm Springs to Indio, Samson can move you throughout the Southern California efficiently and safely. No move is too small or too big for Samson to handle. 


Household moves

Need to move a home or apartment? We can do that. With our competitive rates and excellent customer service, we can get your household goods moved in a timely, safe manner. Call today for a free estimate!



Moving a business can be an expensive and elaborate process. Using Samson Moving Corporation will save you time and money as well as make the transition to your new place of business as easy as possible. Unlike other moving companies our rates do not change for our business customers. OUr prices are the same for all customers. Email or call today for a quote.


To/From Storage

Samson can move your items to and from storage to whatever destination you choose. We also provide storage of your goods short or long term. Let Samson move and store your goods today by calling or emailing for a free quote.


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Is hiring a moving company worth it?

Yes. Professional movers are here to provide services so you can have a stress free and safe move to your new home. Hiring a moving company is seemingly costly but money can’t buy you the time you want to spend with your family and the peace of mind. Relocating can be stressful to adults as well as children. It’s important to be attentive and make them feel less anxious and safe. Professional movers are trained for safety issues, in lifting heavy furniture and other items as well as in driving heavily loaded trucks/vans. 

  1.    Packing, moving and unpacking is time-consuming and if you’re in a rush to report to a new job, you won’t be able to do everything. A moving company can do all this for you. They provide end to end service and other options such as downsizing, moving only and storage.
  2. ⦁    The difficulty of handling your fragile objects with care. Items that are fragile such as furniture, appliances, glassware, mirrors etc. are difficult to move and load properly in a vehicle. Moving companies will protect your valuables properly and efficiently so as not to damage them in travel.
  3. ⦁    Professional movers have large vehicles suited for hauling. Large enough to fit all your belonging in one vehicle. They have appropriate equipment to make the moving safe and damage free. 
  4. ⦁    Professional moving companies are required by law to be insured and pay for damages to personal belongings if they are damaged or lost while in transit.
  5. ⦁    Stress can be expected because if you do it yourself it takes a lot of planning and preparation to organize a move yourself.  A lot of things must be organized to make the move properly done such as access to labor, vehicles and equipment, as well as problems associated with a move such as traffic and vehicle breakdowns. Movers have contingency plan for these types of situations
  6. ⦁    One of the problems of moving is safety. You can’t just jam all the furniture into every space available in a car. Driving a loaded vehicle is hard and hazardous. It takes experience and training to able to drive large loaded truck for travel as well as proper forms for lifting large heavy objects should be put in consideration to avoid injuries. There are safety hazards to avoid when relocating.

Relocating to a new house, town, and city or even to another state is expensive and time-consuming. The best way to save on both time and money is to have a good plan and organize your move down to the last detail and expense. Mostly when relocating, a comparatively large chunk of the expense goes to packing and paying hired movers.  But there are other expenses in relocation such as food, temporary housing, transporting cars, large items and sometimes, even storage. Make a spreadsheet listing all expenses, estimated amounts and after it’s all done, the actual expenses. It’s important to know the costs before, during and after the relocation. Here are some helpful tips to lower the cost of your move.

Professional moving companies are required by law to be insured and pay for damages to personal belongings if they are damaged or lost while in transit.


It Happens!! Let Samson Take Care of Your Moving and Packing

Save Time and Money in Moving


There are two ways to save time and money in packing your items. Professional movers provide end-to-end services, from packing your stuff to unpacking it in your new home. But if you can spare some time to do this yourself, it’ll save you a few dollars. Start packing early with the non-essentials, the things you have and still need but don’t use on a daily basis; from there move to essentials; so on and so forth. Instead of buying boxes, ask at local stores or from friends/family for used boxes. Save money by using recycled boxes.

Moving Schedule

Time the moving on a date that’s not busy or movers aren’t in-demand, opt for a weekday move rather than the weekend. And if it’s convenient, move during off-season when movers aren’t busy. The busiest time for movers is during the summer months, when people with children tend to sync their relocation to summer vacation. 

Relocation can be tax deductible or ask for reimbursement from your company

Relocation is tax deductible on your income tax, just make sure you have all the receipts and know all the items that can be deducted from your taxes. If your relocation is job-related, you can ask for reimbursement or compensation for your move. You don’t have to shoulder all the costs since you’re doing it for the company and not just for yourself or your family.

When you organize, do a checklist of things to do and plan

you’ll already be saving time because that will save time from repeating chores and errands related to moving that you miss out on if you aren’t organized and have no plan of action.
Moving can be easy, less costly and save time by doing things once. Ask your accountant how you can deduct relocation from your income tax, and don’t shy away from asking your company to shoulder some if not all the expenses in your move.

Which Moving Company Should I Hire?

When choosing a moving company for a local move, it’s worth debating the question whether you should go with a nationwide moving company or a local one. The nationwide movers might have more name recognition, but there are some benefits of hiring local.

·         Better rates.

A local moving company will only be traveling short distances and their rates should reflect that, for example the Palm Springs area. A national moving company will need to cover much greater overhead and this will be passed onto the consumer.

·         More reliable.

While a national chain might lend an air of credibility, a local moving company will be invested in its community, will be more familiar with the surroundings and unique challenges of moving in the area, and generally be more available because it’s important to them to keep their clients satisfied. There’s a difference between desert moving and moving in a busy metropolitan area.  

·         Increased convenience.

With a local moving company, there’s no shadowy office in another city where you’ll get put on hold and passed around if something happens. A local moving company will be more available for jobs on short notice and can be much more flexible in scheduling than a nationwide company.

·         More peace of mind.

A local moving company is likely going to have many local referrals they can direct you to from past customers that were happy with their service. A local moving company will know how to deal with local hurdles like how to work with narrow staircases, high rises, stairs, tight doorframes, and more. 

Four Reasons to Hire Local:

1. Better Rates

2.More Reliable

3. Convenience

4. Peace of Mind


5 Tips for Your Upcoming Move

Moving to a new home requires good preparations in order to save time and money. Being ready prior to the actual moving schedule will contribute to an immediate process. Moreover, homeowners surely want to be free from additional charges. Your moving company in Palm Springs Desert will not be burdened with too much work so saving money is expected on your pocket.

Potential customers must consider the following tips for their upcoming move:

 Prepare a list- This will simply need a pen and a piece of paper. It might be very simple but all things must not be forgotten. Listing must be done by visiting each room and categorize the items by room. Then, the list must include:
·                  Important materials which can’t be packed immediately

·                  Packed items, including their designated box numbers. Numerous boxes are needed for different items on your home.

If you have a list, the movers will not bother to offer special services for packing the items. It will just increase the price for moving.

  Label the boxes and apply color coding- Doing these things will help you on being organized. Getting things on a certain box will be very easy if you make labels. Color coding can be done with the use of colored tapes. For an instance, the green tape is for the boxes which contain kitchen items. In addition, blue tape can be used for the boxes where the bathroom materials are found. The colored tape must be placed near the written box number. Sorting will be efficient by following the procedure. The movers in Palms Springs Desert can immediately carry the boxes on the truck without worrying about misplaced items.
-          The list will serve as a reference for knowing the total number of packed boxes for each room. When an item is missing, you will not consume an hour for finding it. By simply looking at your list, you can point the correct box. When you arrived at the new home, unpacking can be done by room again. The items are properly stored on boxes so there’s no need to worry. The moving company will not ask for extra fees because of less effort on the shipment.

  Put your essentials inside a bag- You will feel prepared if you have placed all personal things on your bag. Keeping clothes and toiletries will make you comfortable the next day. Cellphones and laptop will not be stolen if they are also kept well.
  Use Clear bins- This will prevent you from opening all boxes without getting the item you need. There are things which are immediately needed upon the arrival. This includes canned goods, bottled drinks, cleaning materials, and box cutters. They must be stored on clear boxes in order to see them right away. The only task of the movers will be more on carrying the luggage.
  Maximize storage with the use of baskets, storage boxes, and luggage- The need for cardboard boxes will be lessened by utilizing other potential storage materials. Light materials can be placed inside the baskets. On the other hand, books can be temporarily stored on the suitcases.
Your moving experience with Samson Moving Corporation will be great if you have done your part on organizing items. There will be smooth process because you are ready for your next residence.